These pages are various lesson I have taught either in my own homeschool, at a homeschool co-op or homeschool class.

I hope they help you with your homeschool journey.

Use play money to create a cafe in your home.  Have the students keep a wallet of this money so they can pay for their meals.  They must calculate totals and count change.








God’s Pharmacy  Wonderful lesson on how scientific evidence points to healthful benefits of foods that look like human organs and benefit those organs.

My Disneyland Adventure Book

If you are traveling to Disneyland, this is a great book to start before you leave.  Your student finishes it during your trip, but you definitely need to do the research before hand.

Science, We did a study of the earth and solar system.  Along with that we made a few lapbooks.  Here are the covers for those lapbooks.

stars_sun_moon lapbook cover

planets_lapbook cover

earth lapbook cover

Science, During our study of chemistry in science, I created a binder for them which included a scientific method worksheet.  Here is the worksheet along with the binder cover.

Scientific Method wksht

Chemistry Binder Cover