Various Articles on Public Schools

Below are various links to pages pertaining to the state of our current school system in the United States.  If these articles don’t convince you to homeschool, I don’t know what will.

News with Views article 4/5/2015

World Net Daily article 03/2015

New American article 03/2015

Spying on SchoolKids article 03/2015

School for Babies article

Teacher who wrote Common Core admits reason for writing it YouTube

Communist Core? article 02/2015

Common Core Facts 

Student Behavior

Common Core Myths vs. Facts

CA State Mandated Vaccinations

04162015 State mandated vaccinations – are you serious!?!

The State of CA is trying to push mandated vaccinations.  An amendment is also being considered that would allow private homeschoolers to be exempt from this, but charter school homeschoolers will have to abide by this law.  What a vote for private homeschooling!