Home School Classes


My name is, Missie Shimizu, and I am a Home School History Teacher. I have a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and I taught first grade for couple of years prior to having my children. During my children’s homeschooling years, I was blessed with an opportunity in 2015 to return to the classroom teaching Home School history classes.


April 2020. Wonderful American History through American Girl class with an awesome teacher! Missie uses her own interesting power point presentations with pictures, videos and maps to fully engage the students and encourages reading and documentaries and other growth outside of the scheduled time. My daughter loved being able to take her favorite subjects, American Girl and history, with Missie. My daughter was very sad when the class ended. Missie always had the children make an interesting time-period craft as well as a lap book to reinforce key information, including important events, vocabulary and geography. The content was always very interesting and engaging. Missie is a very knowledgeable and passionate teacher, encouraging, upbeat and patient. Looking forward to more classes with Missie, hopefully Story of the World, she is an absolute treasure. ~T.O.P. Alameda, CA


Struggling with keeping your student on-task? Need help getting your student to stay organized? Email Me and we can discuss how I can help your student meet the challenges of home school.

Grade Levels are an approximate. You know the ability of your child and what class will fit best.


California History (FALL) Grades: 3-5

We will visit California history in a chronological sequence starting from the occupation of Russia to England, Spain, Mexico and finally the United States.

World Geography 1 (FALL) Grades: 3-6

Let’s learn about our world!  Our earth is made up of land and water, but how do people understand the earth?  People have categorized the earth into biomes.  This class will focus on those five biomes, their characteristics, plant and animal life, location and how they all fit together to create the earth.

50 United States (SPRING) Grades: 3-5

We will study the people, culture, historical sites, topography, boundary lines, landmarks and much more of the Fifty United States.


History Units, Modern Grades: 1-2

History is a fascinating subject, but sometimes we can get bogged down in dates, places and forget that history is about people.  In this class we will bring history alive through telling stories, watching short videos, as well as completing a lapbook and some hands-on crafts.  The class is broken down into three units per semester.  Fall topics are: Space Race, Transportation, and American Expansion.  Spring topics are: Communication, Farming Thru the Ages, and Building America.

Story of the World vol.1 Grades: 3-5

This volume takes us from the earliest nomads through to the last of the Roman Emperors.

Story of the World vol.2 Grades: 3-5

This volume take us from the fall of the Roman Empire through the Rise of the Renaissance.

Story of the World vol.3 Grades: 4-6

This volume takes us from Good Queen Bess (Elizabeth I) through to the California Gold Rush.

Story of the World vol.4 Grades: 5-6

This volume takes us from Queen Victoria of England to the end of the Soviet Union (USSR.) 

Story of the World vol.4 Grades: 7-10

This volume takes us from Queen Victoria of England to the end of the Soviet Union (USSR.) 


Below are all-inclusive classes to be taken at your convenience. Each class includes a lecture accompanied by activities woven throughout the class.


Games are an integral part of all cultures and are one of the oldest forms of human social interaction. For this class, we will talk about why we play games and the tools used for many board games. We will discuss, in detail, a few games that have stood the test of time and make a few projects along the way. Games such as the Royal Game of Ur (make our own game board), the ancient game of Senet (which can still be played today), Chess, Checkers (make our own Checkers Board), and Monopoly. We will cover a short history of playing cards and the beginning of video games. Included: 49:51min video lesson plus a downloadable packet with instructions and printouts. $10.00