Surviving Homeschool

Top 10 Easy Things YOU can do to Homeschool  without a “lesson!”

1. Put a world map on the kitchen table under contact paper.
2. Use a + and – die in addition (or subtraction, haha) to your two dice in dice games.  They will need to add or subtract to figure out how many places to move their piece forward on the game board.
3. Put memorization posters in the bathroom across from toilet or in the shower in page protectors.
4. Pay with cash at the store and teach your child to count back change.  Let them keep the change if they get the right answer.
5. Purchase a timeline and hang it on your hallway wall.
6. Learning to Read: Label objects around the house (ex: window, wall, door, etc.)
7. Learning to Read: Watch television with the Closed Caption turned on.
8. Listen to audio books in the car.
9. Set books on the couch that you want your children to read.  They will when you aren’t looking.  It works better than telling them to read a certain book.
10. Youtube!  We have found math, science and history videos on youtube.


I am a reluctant homeschooling mom turned homeschooling advocate.  I never wanted to homeschool.  I looked forward to the day that my children were off to school and I could finally get some rest!  But, after a couple of years at the local public school, I knew that it wasn’t the place for my children.  Lots of wasted time coupled with lack luster learning and a dyslexic child brought us all back home.

We were better for it.  There were days that I wished they were in school and it would be so much easier, but the other days in which the light went on in their mind and I saw them bond….I knew we made the right choice.  We homeschooled for eight years.

As they approached high school, we found a local high school and enrolled them so they could play high school sports. Unfortunately, COVID-19 changed our plans and they are back home now with future plans to attend an online high school.

Education: I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing and a Minor in International Business. I also have a Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential. I taught first grade for couple of years prior to having my children. During their homeschooling years, I was blessed with an opportunity to return to the classroom teaching Home School history classes.