About Me

I’m Missie. Welcome to my Surviving Homeschool Site.

I am a reluctant homeschooling mom turned homeschooling advocate. I never wanted to homeschool. I looked forward to the day that my children were off to school and I could finally get some rest! But, after a couple of years at the local public school, I knew that it wasn’t the place for my children. Lots of wasted time coupled with lack luster learning and a dyslexic child brought us all back home.

We were better for it. There were days that I wished they were in school and it would be so much easier, but the other days in which the light went on in their mind and I saw them bond….I knew we made the right choice. We homeschooled for eight years.

Education: I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing and a Minor in International Business. I also have a Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential. I taught first grade for couple of years prior to having my children. During their homeschooling years, I was blessed with an opportunity to return to the classroom teaching Home School history classes.