History Units, Modern



Time: 12:30-1:40pm @Love of Learning in Rocklin

Grades: 1-2

History is a fascinating subject, but sometimes we can get bogged down in dates, places and forget that history is about people.  In this class we will bring history alive through telling stories, watching short videos, as well as completing a lapbook and some hands-on crafts.

Regarding Videos: Please keep in mind that although I usually preview all videos, there may be some that you need to view yourself to make sure you approve of the material.  Especially the longer videos, I don’t always have time to watch every minute prior to posting.  All videos are intended to engage the child in the subject being taught.  If it doesn’t work for your child, feel free to not let them watch.

The class is broken down into three units per semester.

Fall 2020

Space Race, Transportation, and American Expansion. 

Spring 2021

Communication, Farming Thru the Ages, and Building America.