How to Survive Home School

Anyone can homeschool.  The most important thing you really need is PATIENCE.  And lots of it.

Personalities. Watch and learn about your children.
Love Each Other! Learning will come, but it won’t if there is strife in the home. Try to always maintain a calm atmosphere.
Vocabulary: ascending and descending the ski slopes
Science:  While we are snow skiing it is fresh snow so our skis keep sticking and we slow down.  (more friction)  On a subsequent visit, the snow is icy and our skis slip quite a bit. (less friction)
Hang timeline on hallway wall.
Math: Use a + and – die to add math into your dice games.  They will need to add or subtract to figure out how many places to move their piece forward on the game board.
Costumes! Structure lessons that work with their learning style as well as your teaching style.
Food! The ‘Human Cell.’ Use food when you can, it always grabs their attention.
Geography: No need to formally teach geography, just place maps around your house and on your dining table covered with clear vinyl. Geography naturally becomes part of conversations.
History: Bob Hale is the Best! Horrible Histories was a fun series to watch. We learned a lot too!
Reading: Use close caption on television all the time.
Reading: label common items throughout the house.
Money: Pay with cash at the store and teach your child to count back change.  Let them keep the change if they get the right answer.
Geography: Puzzle Fun!
Games are good! Many concepts can be taught through games. If you can’t find one, make it up. Imagination is crucial in home schooling successfully.
greathall productions
History: Audio Books. We listened to audio stories as we did routine errands in the car.
For you: great magazine full of ideas and tips.
Reading: Place books on couch for them to pick up on their own.
Memorization: Place lists in the shower for them to read each morning.

Always remember, you only have your children for a short period of time. They will grow up. Enjoy them.

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