Story of the World vol.2 ONLINE


Time: 10:00-10:55am Pacific

Fall Fridays: Sept.18,25; Oct.2,9,16,23,30; Nov.6,13,20; Dec.4,11,18

Spring Fridays: Jan.15,22,29; Feb.5,12,26; Mar.5,12,19,26; Apr.16,23,30

We will visit history in a chronological sequence starting from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of the Renaissance.  Each class will focus on a few topics with lecture, pictures, and some fun stories.  Each student will work on a lapbook throughout the session to be completed by the end as well as some fun crafts and a few presentations along with way.

This is a live online class.  Each week the student will use their computer/iPad to logon using Zoom to participate in the class.  All students will be visible (if they choose) as well as the teacher.  The students will have the ability to ask questions and dialog with the teacher and other students.  It will be the student/parent’s responsibility to print all materials needed for the lapbook and procure all supplies for the projects. All classes will be recorded, so if a student misses a class, it will be available for viewing via password protected page.

Special Note:   Christianity and the Islamic Empire will be mentioned during this class in a historical context.  Both movements are known to change borders, influence kingdoms and control empires.  With this in mind, a study of the Middle Ages is not complete without knowing their history.

Special Note on Lapbooks:  A lapbook is two manila file folders stapled in the middle to form a book.  Minibooks are added on each topic we discuss in class.  Thus, by the end of the course, your student will have a book filled with minibooks charting history in this time period.  Each minibook includes some fill-in-the-blank and/or a map to color.  They will be cut, folded and glued into the manila file folder.  A video will be posted to show exactly how to cut, fold and glue each minibook into the lapbook.

Special Note on Projects: Most projects will have a video posted to show the student exactly how to complete the project.  Materials needed for the project will be posted at least one week in advance.          

Regarding Videos: Please keep in mind that although I usually preview all videos, there may be some that you need to view yourself to make sure you approve of the material.  Especially the longer videos, I don’t always have time to watch every minute prior to posting.  All videos are intended to engage the child in the subject being taught.  If it doesn’t work for your child, feel free to not let them watch.

FALL 2020 Ch.1-21

  • Week 1: Ch.1&2; Fall of Roman Empire, Early Days of Britain. What was the catalyst that started the fall of the Roman Empire?  What happened to hasten its demise?  Why is it called the Middle Ages?  How many kingdoms of England were there?  Who lived in Britain?
    • Project: Celts vs Romans Board Game (printout, colored pencils/crayons, scissors)

ASSIGNMENT:  Create a Poster Board showing five facts about Monasteries in the Middle Ages.  Due: Week 4

  • Week 2: Ch.3&4; Monasteries & Scriptoriums, Byzantine Empire. Who are monks and what role do monasteries play in the Middle Ages?  How are books duplicated?  Who had books in the Middle Ages?  Where is Constantinople, and what role did this city play in history?  Who were Justinian and Theodora?
    • Project: Byzantine Mosaic (glue, colored paper, pattern on paper)
  • Week 3: Ch.5&6; Medieval India, Rise of Islam.  Who was Skandagupta?  What are frescos and where are they located?  What are the Ajanta Caves?  Who was Muhammad and where did he live?
    • Project: Sand Art (colored sand, pattern on paper, glue stick)
  • Week 4: PRESENTATION DAY!  Present your Poster Board to the class.

ASSIGNMENT:  Create a Poster Board showing five facts about China in the Middle Ages.  Due: Week 8

  • Week 5: Ch.7&8; Islamic Empire, Dynasties of China.  Who was Yang Chien?  What is the Grand Canal?  What is the Tang Dynasty?  What happened during the ‘Golden Age’ of China?  How did the Chinese print books?
    • Project: String Block Printing (string, wood or craft foam block, glue)
  • Week 6: Ch.9&10; Japan, Korea, China, Australia.  Who was the Yamato Dynasty?  How many kingdoms did Korea have?  How are Japan, Korea and China linked?
    • Project: Japanese Carp Kite (paper, string, cardstock, tissue paper)
  • Week 7: Ch.11&12; Kingdom of the Franks, Spain & Africa.  Who was Clovis I of the Franks?  What was Gaul?  Why was Paris made the capital city of the Frankish Empire?  Who was Tariq bin Ziyad?  What is Tariq best known for in history?
    • Project: Fleur-de-lis Stamp (craft foam, craft knife or scissors)
  • Week 8: PRESENTATION DAY!  Present your Poster Board to the class.

ASSIGNMENT:  Create a Poster Board showing five facts about France or England in the Middle Ages.  Due: Week 12

  • Week 9: Ch.13&14; Kings of France (Charles the Hammer & Charlemagne), Viking Invasions (Erik the Red).  Who was Charles the Hammer?  Who was Charlemagne and what did he create?  Who was Erik the Red and his son?  What country did Erik the Red sail to?  Who were the Norsemen?  Why did the Vikings head south?
    • Project: Charlemagne’s Crown (printout, cardstock paper, colored pencils/crayons/paint, *optional: craft jewels)
  • Week 10: Ch.15&16; First Kings of England (Alfred the Great), England after Norman Conquest.  What did Britain do when the Vikings invaded?  Who was Alfred the Great and what did he do in England?  What was the Battle of Hastings?  How has the English language changed over time?  What is Feudalism?  What was the importance of stone castles?
    • Project: Make your own ‘Bayeux’ Tapestry (paper, pencils)
  • Week 11: Ch.17&18; Knights & Samurai, Age of Crusades.  How were English Knights and Japanese Samurai similar and different?  What was the Crusades?  Who was involved in the Crusades?  Who was Saladin and El Cid?
    • Project: Design your own Coat of Arms (paper, pencils) or Origami Samurai Helmet (paper)
  • Week 12:  PRESENTATION DAY!  Present your Poster Board to the class.
  • Week 13: Ch.19-21; Richard the Lionheart, Disapora, the Mongols (Genghis Khan).  Who was Richard the Lionheart?  Who was John Lackland?  What was the Magna Carta?  Who was Robin Hood?  Who were the Mongols?  Who was Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan?  What type of dynasty was the Mongolian Dynasty?
    • Project: Write your own Magna Carta for your bedroom (paper, pencils or quill & ink)

SPRING 2021 Ch.22-42

  • Week 1: Ch.22&23; Exploring the East (Marco Polo), The First Russians (the Rus).  Who was Marco Polo?  What was the Forbidden City?  What was China like under Kublai Khan?  Who were the Ming?  Who were the Rus?  Who was Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible?  What is the Kremlin?
    • Project: Paint Chinese Scroll (2 straws, paper, paint, paint brushes, tape)

ASSIGNMENT:  Create a Poster Board showing five facts about Russia or the Plague in the Middle Ages.  Due: Week 4

  • Week 2: Ch.24&25; The Ottoman Empire, the Plague.  Who were the Ottoman Turks?  How did the Byzantine Empire fall?  What happened to Constantinople?  What is the Hagia Sophia?  Who was Suleiman?  What is the plague?  What was the Black Death?  How was the plague spread?  What were the effects to society from the plague?
    • Project: Make a Plague Necklace (string, fresh herbs or flower petals, cloth, scissors)
  • Week 3: Ch.26&27; France vs. England (Henry V, Joan of Arc), War of Roses.  Who was Henry V?  What was the Battle of Agincourt?  Who was Joan of Arc?  What was the Hundred Years War?  What was the War of the Roses?  Who were the Lancaster’s and York’s?  What happened to end the War of the Roses?  Who were the two princes in the tower?  Who was Richard III of England?
    • Project: York & Lancaster Checkers (printout on cardstock paper, scissors, colored pencils/crayons)
  • Week 4: PRESENTATION DAY!  Present your Poster Board to the class.

ASSIGNMENT:  Create a Poster Board showing five facts about an explorer in the Middle Ages.  Due: Week 8

  • Week 5: Ch.28&29; Spain & Portugal (Ferdinand & Isabella), African Kingdoms (Mali, Ghana, Songhay).  Who was Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile?  Who was Henry the Navigator?  What role did Prince Henry of Portugal have on world exploration?  Who was Mansa Musa of Mali?  What natural resources did Ghana have?  What happened to the Songhay Empire after Leo Africanus printed his book?
    • Project: Make your own constellation (black construction paper, pin)
  • Week 6: Ch.30&31; Moghuls in India, Exploration (Columbus, Magellan, Vespucci).  Who was Babur of India?  What was the Agra?  What happened to India when the Mongols invaded?  Who was Akbar of India?  Who was Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, and Amerigo Vespucci?  What impact did each of these people have on history?
    • Project: Ripped paper exploration map (blue, brown, green, red construction paper, printout, glue stick)
  • Week 7: Ch.32&33; American Kingdoms (Mayans, Incas) & Slave Trade, Cortes, Montezuma.  Who were the Mayans and Incas?  Why did these civilizations end?  What was Tenochtitlan?  Who were the Aztecs?    What was the slave trade?  Who participated in the slave trade?  Who was Cortes and Montezuma?  Why did Cortes explore Central America?
    • Project: Make Mexican Hot Chocolate (hot cocoa mix, cinnamon)
  • Week 8: PRESENTATION DAY!  Present your Poster Board to the class.

ASSIGNMENT:  Create a Poster Board showing five facts about France or England in the Middle Ages.  Due: Week 12

  • Week 9: Ch.34&35; Martin Luther, Henry VIII & Renaissance (Gutenberg).  Who was Martin Luther?  What did Martin Luther do that changed history?  Who was Henry VIII of England?  What did Henry VIII of England do that changed history?  Who was Johannes Gutenberg?  How did Gutenberg’s invention change history?  What was the Renaissance?
    • Project: Write an ‘Illuminated’ journal page (printout, colored pencils/crayons)
  • Week 10: Ch.36&37; Reformation & Copernicus, Galileo.  What was the Reformation?  What was its impact on empires and kingdoms?  Who was Nicholas Copernicus and Galileo Galilei?  What did they observe and write about that changed scientific history?  What happened to them because of their writings?
    • Project: Solar System Mobile (printout, string, tape, hanger)
  • Week 11: Ch.38-40; Queen Elizabeth & Shakespeare & Raleigh, New World.  Who was Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I of England?  What was Queen Mary’s legacy versus Queen Elizabeth’s legacy?  Who was William Shakespeare and what was his contribution to literature?  What is the story of Macbeth?  Who was Sir Walter Raleigh?  What was the Lost Colony of Roanoke?
    • Project: Be a Cartographer and draw our own map (printout, pencils, colored pencils/crayons)
  • Week 12:  PRESENTATION DAY!  Present your Poster Board to the class.
  • Week 13: Ch.41,42; Northwest Passage explorations & Empires Collide (Spain & England).  What was Newfoundland?  Who was John Cabot and Jacques Cartier?  What did they discover?  Why did England and Spain declare war?  What was the Spanish Armada?  Who was Sir Francis Drake and Sir Howard?