• Ch.1&2 Holy Roman & Spanish Empire, Mary Queen of Scots vs. Elizabeth I.  Who was the Holy Roman Emperor?  How did Spain become so wealthy?  Why did the Dutch revolt?  Who was Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I?
    • Project: Treasure Chest (cardstock printout, glue, colored pencils)
  • Ch.3&4 James I of England & Jamestown, Henry Hudson.  Who was James I of England?  What was Jamestown?  Who was Guy Fawkes?  What is the significance of Nov.5th?  What is the Northwest Passage?  Who is Henry Hudson?
    • Project: Guy Fawkes Mask (cardstock printout, string, *optional: black hat). Directions: Cut out face and eye holes. Punch one hole on each side and tie string. Then tie the string around your head. To finish the look, put on a black hat.
  • Ch.5&6 Japanese Warlords, the Pilgrims, Mayflower & Plymouth, Dutch East India Company.  Who was Hideyoshi?  Who was Ieyasu?  Who unified Japan?  Who were the Pilgrims?  What was the Mayflower?  Where is Plymouth?  Why did the Pilgrims make their journey?
    • Project: Mayflower Compact (quill, ink, paper)
  • Ch.7&8 Middle Passage (Slavery), the Ottoman Turks.  What did the English colonists grow in the New World?  Who was John Rolfe?  Who was Nzinga of Angola?  Who were the Ottoman Turks?  Who was Murad?
    • Project: Stamp Patterns (sponge, paint, paper)
  • Ch.9&10 Thirty Years War, Rise of Manchu in China.  What was the Thirty Years War?  What is St. Martin’s Day?  Why did Japan close their borders to the world?  How did the Manchu dominate China?
    • Project: St. Martin’s Day Lantern (empty juice carton, tissue paper, glue, pipe cleaner, tea light)
    • Ming Paper Bowl (printout on cardstock paper)
  • Ch.11&12 Mongols in India, England’s Civil War.  Who was Aurangzeb?  Who were the Moghul emperors of India?  Who was Charles I?  Who was Oliver Cromwell?  Why did England have a civil war?
    • Project: Make the city of London (cardstock printout, craft sticks, glue/tape, colored pencils) Download and print the London City. The number of copies determines how big you want your ‘city’ to be. Color and glue them together. You can attach them to empty cereal boxes if you like. Make a street. then (with parent help) you can set it alight. See how fast it burns with the ‘houses’ so close together. *Safety first: Parent involvement along with fire extinguisher and a bucket of water nearby.
  • Ch.13&14 King Louis XIV of France, Rise of Prussia.  Who was Louis XIV?  Why was he called the Sun King?  What was the importance of Versailles?  Who was the King of Prussia?
    • Project: Versailles mask (cardstock printout, decorations; feathers, sequins, markers, tissue paper, etc.)

Print out the mask (below) and cover with various items to create your own Versailles Mask. Ideas would be tissue paper, sequins, buttons, markers, highlighter, colored pencils, feathers, etc. Attach a straw or dowel to one side so you can hold the mask up to your face.

  • Ch.15&16 Wars in the English Colonies, Pennsylvania, Universal Laws of Newton & Locke.  Why did the English and Native Americans battle?  How did King Louis XIV save New France?  Who was William Penn?  Who was John Locke and Isaac Newton?  What is Scientific Farming?
    • Project: Scientific Farming (paper printouts, colored pencils, scissors, glue)

Please print the Scientific Farming document prior to the class. Cut out the square pictures of plants prior to class as well. Have a glue stick handy for us to complete the project during class.

  • Ch.17&18 Peter the Great of Russia, The Ottoman Empire.  Who was Peter the Great?  How did Peter the Great change Russia?  Who was Kara Mustafa?  Who was the Tulip King?
  • Ch.19&20: British East India Company, Seven Year War. Why did India lose its country to England? What was the Black Hole of Calcutta? Who was Emperor Chi’en-lung?
  • Ch.21   What was the Seven Year War?
    • Project: Ripped Paper Fort Ohio (green, blue, brown construction paper, printout, glitter, glue, pencil)


YouTube History Site: Extra Credits has a lot of cartoon history videos that are historically accurate. Parents may need to monitor because some videos can have cartoon war scenes.

  • Ch.22 American Revolution. The new United States of America.  Why did the colonist’s rebel against England?  What were some major events in the American Revolution? 
  • Ch. 23 & 24 What type of government did the new Americans create? Who was George Washington? Captain Cook & Australia.  Who was Captain Cook?  Where did he sail?  What was he looking for?  Who was sent from England to Australia? 
  • Ch.25: What was the French Revolution, What was the Storming of the Bastille?  Who was Robespierre?  What was the Reign of Terror? Ch.26 Catherine the Great of Russia. Who was Catherine the Great? How did she change Russia?
    • Project: Phryigan Cap (red fabric, download pattern, sew or hot glue together)
    • Project: Catherine the Great art collector. Create a piece of art that Catherine would proudly display in her palace.
  • Ch.27: Cotton Gin in America. Who invented the cotton gin? How did the cotton gin change America?
  • Ch.28&29 England vs China, Napoleon Bonaparte.  What was the opium trade?  How did England defeat China?  Who was Napoleon Bonaparte?  How did Napoleon rise to power?
    • Project: China vase (self-hardening clay, blue/white acrylic paints)
  • Ch.30 Haitian Revolt.  What happened during the Haitian Revolt?  Who was Leclerc and Toussaint? 
    • Project: Haitian Flag. Paper Flag: paper, red/black colored pencils or crayons. Color one side of the paper black and the other side red. Attach a straw at one end. Fabric Flag: Red and Black fabric squares. Sew the two square pieces together. Attach a dowel on the end.
  • Ch.31, 32&33 Lewis & Clark, Napoleonic Wars.  Who were the Luddites? How did factories change society? Who were Lewis & Clark?  Where did they travel?  Why did they travel across America?  Who was Tecumseh?  How did Napoleon fail?
  • Ch.34: South American Freedom, Simon Bolivar.
  • Ch.35 Mexican Independence.  What was the Cry of Dolores?  Why did Mexico want independence from Spain? Ch.36 Abolition of Slavery. Who was William Wilberforce?
    • Project: Mexican Flowers (tissue paper, pipe cleaners)
  • Ch.37-38 , Boers & British in Africa, Trail of Tears.  Who were the Boers?  Why did they fight the British?  What was the Trail of Tears?  Who was Nat Turner?
  • Ch.39&40 China vs Great Britain, Mexican-American War.  What were the Opium Wars?  What was the Alamo?  Who fought in the Mexican-American War?
    • Project: Cookie Alamo (cookie dough, Alamo pattern)
  • Ch.41 New Zealand vs Great Britain. What was the Treaty of Waitangi? What were the New Zealand Wars?
  • Ch.42 California Gold Rush.  What happened to California during the gold rush?  Who found the gold?

I hope you learned some history while having a bit of fun.